BharatBenz Truck Price Mileage Specs Overview 2021

BharatBenz trucks price list in India. Check latest price list of All BharatBenz trucks models. List of All Bharatbenz trucks models along with the prices. If you want to know more please do comment in the comment box we will definitely help you.

 BharatBenz Trucks Price list in India

Here are the all BharatBenz models listed with prices.

  • BharatBenz 1217C Truck

  • BharatBenz 1617R Truck

  • BharatBenz 1623C Truck

  • BharatBenz 2523 6X4 Truck

  • BharatBenz 2523R Truck

  • BharatBenz 2528 Truck

  • BharatBenz 3123R Truck

  • BharatBenz 3128 Truck

  • BharatBenz 3128C Truck

  • BharatBenz 3723R Truck

  • BharatBenz 4023T Truck

  • BharatBenz 4928T Truck

  • BharatBenz MD 1214R Truck

  • BharatBenz MD 1214RE Truck

  • BharatBenz MD 914R Truck

  • BharatBenz MD IN-POWER 1214R Truck

  • BharatBenz MD IN-POWER 1214RE Truck

  • BharatBenz MD IN-POWER 914R Truck

New Bharatbenz Truck Price list

Here is the list of all new BharatBenz truck models with their price in India.

BharatBenz Trucks Price
BharatBenz 1015R BS6 16.34 lakh
BharatBenz 1215R BS6 19.61 lakh
BharatBenz 1215RE BS6 19.56 lakh
BharatBenz 1415R BS6 20.32 lakh
BharatBenz 1923C BS6 Not Available
BharatBenz 2823C BS6 Not Available
BharatBenz 2823R BS6 Not Available
BharatBenz 2828C BS6 Not Available
BharatBenz 2828CH BS6 Not Available
BharatBenz 3523R BS6 Not Available
BharatBenz 3528C BS6 Not Available
BharatBenz 3528CM BS6 Not Available
BharatBenz 5028T BS6 Not Available
BharatBenz 5528TT BS6 Not Available

Frequently Asked Questions by Users about BharatBenz Truck

What is Price Range of BharatBenz Trucks in India?

BharatBenz is giving competitive price range starts from Rs. 10.93 lakhs to Rs. 43.60 lakhs.

Which is most popular BharatBenz Truck in India?

1217 model is the most popular trucks from BharatBenz.

How much mileage BharatBenz Truck will give?

BharatBenz MD 914R is giving impressive mileage of 9 kmpl.

Which is cheapest model of BharatBenz Truck?

BharatBenz MD 914R is cheapest model offered by company, which comes in Rs. 10.93 lakhs.

Who are the top competitor of BharatBenz Motors?

Ashok Leyland, TATA, Eicher Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, Volvo Trucks are main competitor of BharatBenz.

Is BharatBenz an Indian Company?

No, BharatBenz is a brand of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), itself a wholly owned subsidiary of the German manufacturer Daimler AG.

Which is the nearest BharatBenz Truck showroom from my area?

Call on 1800-121-380380 for take address of nearest BharatBenz showroom.

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