Force Sanman 6000 Tractor price Mileage Specs 2022

Force Sanman 6000 Tractor’s price, specifications, features, applications are mentioned as under. It is implemented with rotavator, cultivator, spraying, haulage, sowing, reaper, threshing and across multiple crops like corn, grapes, groundnut, cotton, castor and many other crops.

Force Sanman 6000 Tractor fulfill all operation related needs of the farmer. Here, in this page, you can find Force Sanman 6000 Tractor’s price in every state of India, Specifications with a detail of HP, Engine, Brake, torque, wheelbase. You can also find mileage, usable application, and features of the tractor.

 Force Sanman 6000 Tractor Price in India

Force Sanman 6000 Tractor price is Not Available.

ForceTractor gives a competitive price for this segment of tractor. Force Sanman 6000 Tractor price is very competitive for all competitors of ForceTractor in this segment.

Check Force Sanman 6000 Tractor Price in India.

Tractor Model Price
Force Sanman 6000 Tractor Not Available

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Overview of Force Sanman 6000 Tractor

Below is the quick overview of Force Sanman 6000 Tractor. ForceTractor is giving best in class features, specifications and budgeted price for this tractor.

Engine NA
HP 50
Cylinder 3
Wheelbase(mm) 2032
Torque NA
Gears 8F + 4R
Brakes Oil immersed Disc Brake

Force Sanman 6000 Tractor Specifications.

Force Sanman 6000 Tractor engine, power, HP, transmission, PTO, Brake, torque, tires, battery, dimensions, etc. Force Sanman 6000 Tractor specificationsare mentioned below. We give you full specification detail of Force Sanman 6000 Tractor below.

No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category 50 HP
Engine Rated RPM 2200
Type Synchromesh
Clutch Dual ,DRY TYPE
Power Take Off
Type N/A
RPM 540 / 1000
Fuel Tank
Capacity 54 litre
Dimensions And Weight Of Tractor
Total Weight 2080/2130 KG
Wheel Base 2032 MM
Overall Length 3640 MM
Overall Width 1730/1885 MM
Ground Clearance 394/430 MM
Turning Radius With Brakes 2.95 MM
Lifting Capacity 1450
Wheels And Tyres
Wheel drive 2 WD
Front 7.50 * 16
Rear 14.9 * 28 / 16.9 *28
Status Launched

Above mentioned Force Sanman 6000 tractor specifications with full detailed information give you needful information regarding tractor.

Force Sanman 6000 Tractor Mileage:

Force tractor is also known for value for money and low maintenance. Force Sanman 6000 Tractor mileage is NA. Tractor is maintaining its mileage in every operation work.

Force Sanman 6000 Tractor Features:

All tractors of ForceTractor is pretty much feature-laden. Force Sanman 6000 Tractor features are below mentioned. It is very useful while operating tractor and farming. Operators comfort is very important while we talk about the tractor. ForceTractor gives its best in the term of Features.

  • Mercedes Derived engine with overhead shaft for fuel efficiency, silent running
  • Fully Constant Mesh gear box for easy & smooth shifting of gears
  • Planetary rear axle distributes load evenly on all gears
  • Oil immersed multi disc brakes: Oil immersed disc brakes lead to superb braking efficiency even on gradients
  • Bosch hydraulics offer free clearance between spool and valve in 2 micron range that controls flow and oil pressure precisely
  • Dual speed P.T.O. for correct speed selection and most efficient operations

 Applications for Force Sanman 6000 Tractor

Force Sanman 6000 Tractor is implemented with all user applications which are mentioned below. It is working better with all applications which are mentioned. Tractor has enough power to work with applications. Below are all applications which operator can implement with Force Sanman 6000 Tractor and work smoothly.

  • Cultivator
  • Haulage
  • Rotavator
  • Gyrovator
  • Puddling
  • Sprayer
  • Mb plough
  • Harvester

 Conclusion for Force Sanman 6000 Tractor.

We tried to give full information of Force Sanman 6000 Tractor. Above we include Price, Specification, Features, and Applications of Force Sanman 6000 Tractor with detailed information. You can contact us for book your order of Tractor. We will provide full support to you.

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