Sonalika RX 50 Tractor price mileage specs | 2021

Sonalika RX 50 Tractor’s price, specifications, features, applications are mentioned as under. Check Latest Price list of Sonalika RX 50 Tractor with full overview.

Sonalika RX 50 Tractor Price in India

Sonalika RX 50 Tractor price is 321,000 /- (ex-showroom)

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Check Sonalika RX 50 Tractor Price in India.

Tractor Model Price
Sonalika RX 50 Tractor 321,000 /-


Sonalika tractor gives a competitive price for this segment of tractor. Sonalika RX 50 Tractor price is very competitive for all competitors of Sonalika tractor in this segment.

  • Price of Sonalika RX 50 Tractor in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharastra: Rs. ₹ 321,000 /- Ex-Showroom.

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It is implemented with rotavator, cultivator, spraying, haulage, sowing, reaper, threshing and across multiple crops like corn, grapes, groundnut, cotton, castor and many other crops.

Sonalika RX 50 Tractor fulfill all operation related needs of the farmer. Here, in this page, you can find Sonalika RX 50 Tractor’s price in every state of India, Specifications with a detail of HP, Engine, Brake, torque, wheelbase. You can also find mileage, usable application, and features of the tractor.

Overview of Sonalika RX 50 Tractor

Below is the quick overview of Sonalika RX 50 Tractor. Sonalika tractor is giving best in class features, specifications and budgeted price for this tractor.

Engine ITL Engine
HP 50
Cylinder 3
Wheelbase (mm) NA
Torque NA
Gears 8F + 2R
Brakes Oil immersed Brake

Sonalika RX 50 Tractor Specifications.

Sonalika RX 50 Tractor engine, power, HP, transmission, PTO, Brake, torque, tires, battery, dimensions, etc. Sonalika RX 50 Tractor specifications are mentioned below. We give you full specification detail of Sonalika RX 50 Tractor below.

Make ITL Engine
HP 50 HP
No. of Cylinders 3
Rated RPM 2100
Air-Cleaner Dry type air cleaner
Clutch Single / Dual Clutch
Type Constant mesh
No. of Gears 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
PTO 540
Lift Capacity 1600 Kgs
Brakes OIB
Steering Mechanical Steering / Power Steering
Fuel tank
Capacity 65 Ltrs
Front Tyres 6.0 x 16 mm / 7.5 x 16 mm
Rear Tyres 14.9 x 28 mm

Above mentioned Sonalika RX 50 tractor specifications with full detailed information give you needful information regarding tractor.

Sonalika RX 50 Tractor Mileage

Sonalika tractor is also known for value for money and low maintenance. Sonalika RX 50 Tractor mileage is NA. Tractor is maintaining its mileage in every operation work.

Sonalika RX 50 Tractor Features

All tractors of Sonalika tractor is pretty much feature-laden. Sonalika RX 50 Tractor features are below mentioned. It is very useful while operating tractor and farming. Operators comfort is very important while we talk about the tractor. Sonalika tractor gives its best in the term of Features.

  • Radiator
  • Diesel Saver Unit
  • Air Cleaner
  • Clutch
  • Gear Box
  • 1 SA DCV
  • Oil Immersed Brakes
  • Axle
  • Power Steering
  • 4 wheels drive
  • DC Valve

Applications for Sonalika RX 50 Tractor

Sonalika RX 50 Tractor is implemented with all user applications which are mentioned below. It is working better with all applications which are mentioned. Tractor has enough power to work with applications. Below are all applications which operator can implement with Sonalika RX 50 Tractor and work smoothly.

  • Cultivator
  • Haulage
  • Rotavator
  • Sprayer
  • Mb plough

Conclusion for Sonalika RX 50 Tractor.

We tried to give full information of Sonalika RX 50 Tractor. Above we include Price, Specification, Features, and Applications of the Tractor with detailed information. You can contact us for book your order of Tractor. We will provide full support to you.

Stay connected with us for more price, specifications of all tractors with detailed information.

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