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Preet Tractor in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
Preet 2549 25 HP 450000
Preet 2549 4WD 25 HP 470000

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Preet 9049 AC 4WD...

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Drive: 4WD
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90 HP

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Most Asked Questions on AC Preet Tractor

Ans.The Preet Tractors price range starts from Rs 3.80 lakhs to Rs. 22.10 Lakhs.

Ans.Hari Singh (Managing Director) founded PREET Agro Industries. In 1986 with the help of his younger brother Mr.Gurcharan Singh (Director).

Ans.The most fuel-efficient Preet tractor is Preet 3549.

Ans.At TracTruck, visit the Preet Tractor Dealer page and find the nearest tractor dealers/showrooms.

Ans.The Preet tractor lies in the 25 to 90 HP range.

Ans.Preet tractor's average lifting capacity is 1000 kg to 2200 kg.

Ans.20 plus Tractor models are available in the Preet tractor brand.

Ans.The most popular Preet tractors in India are Preet 955, Preet 10049 4WD and Preet 4549.

Ans.Preet 2549 4WD and Preet 2549 are the best Preet mini tractors in India.

Ans.Preet 6549 2WD/4WD is the best tractor in Preet tractor.

Ans.At TracTruck, you can find the updated Preet tractors price list.

Ans.The manufacturing plant of Preet tractors is located in Patiala.

Ans.Preet tractor is an Indian company which has advanced models for thriving farming.

Ans.The best Preet tractor in India is Preet 4549 4WD.

Ans.At TracTruck, visit Locate tractor dealer page to find the Preet dealer and showroom.

Ans.The best 55 HP Preet tractor is Preet 955 2WD 4WD.

Ans.Preet 10049 4WD has the best hydraulic lifting capacity which is 2400 Kg.

Ans.Preet 2549 is the lowest priced Preet tractor in India, available at Rs. 3.80-4.30 Lakh*.

Ans.Preet 10049 4WD tractor, Preet 9049 - 4WD, Preet 9049 AC - 4WD and others are the best for pulling heavy implements.

Ans.The latest models of Preet tractors are Preet 7549 4wd and Preet 6549 4WD.

Ans.Preet's most powerful tractor is Preet 10049 4WD with a 100-HP engine.

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