All Standard Tractors Price List with HP Detail In India | 2019

Standard tractors price list in India. Check out the latest price list of all standard tractor models in India. If you have any question related to any tractor model please feel free to write in tha comment box bellow.

Standard Tractors Price (HP Details)

Here we have list of all Standard tractors with on road price list of each model with engine HP Detals.

All Standard Tractor Model

Price List

Standard DI 475 Tractor

75 HP

Rs. 300,000/-

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Standard DI 475 Tractor price
Standard DI 460 Tractor

60 HP

Rs. 300,000/-

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Standard DI 460 Tractor price
Standard DI 450 Tractor

50 HP

Rs. 300,000/-.

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Standard DI 450 Tractor price
Standard DI 355 Tractor

55 HP

Rs. 800,000/-

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Standard DI 355 Tractor price
Standard DI 335 Tractor

35 HP

Rs. 500,000/-

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Standard DI 335 Tractor price
Standard DI 345 Tractor

45 HP

Rs. 300,000/-

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Standard DI 345 Tractor price

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