Ambulance for tractors by Kubota | Kubota Launches Ambulance For Tractors

Kubota is gaining market in India faster in last year. Now Kubota introduce Ambulance for Tractors. Yes you read it right Ambulance for Tractors not for Humans. Company launched this unique concept in Sangli.

In this unique concept, especially well designed and well equipped vans can go into interior park of villages to support any kind of Tractor breakdown. This idea is to designed to support farmers and for their convenience.

In this special occasion, Mr G S Grewal said that Breakdown or any other problem in tractors during the season time will heat the production of farmer. It will help many of farmers.

Tractor is important part of farming and also in Farmers life so it takes special care and attention, So this Ambulance for Tractors concept will definitely help farmers.

Kubota Tractor already introduced 18 ambulance vans at their dealer point. They plan to increase number by 35 by end of this year.

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