Digitrac Tractor Price In India

Digitrac tractor price starts from Rs. 6.30 lakh to Rs. 8.10 lakh in India. Company is now manufacturing only 3 plus models for Indian farmers with 47 HP to 60 HP engine power. Most affordable tractor by the company is PP 43i, which price starts from Rs. 6.30 lakh with 47 HP engine power and most expensive tractor of the company is Digitrac PP 51i, which price starts from Rs. 7.80 lakh to Rs. 8.10 Lakh.

Top Most Popular Digitrac Tractor in India

We have listed top 3 most popular Digitrac Tractor with HP range. Digitrac is manufacturing world class tractors for India farmers.

Digitrac tractor was founded in 2019 by two brothers Har Prasad Nanda and Yudi Nanda. Company is manufacturing more than 3 models with latest design and technologically advanced features. Company is focusing on providing best in class tractors with very competitive price range. We have covered all Digitrac Tractor information like, on road Price, Mileage, Features, Braking system, HP and other specifications with micro information. We are also covering News related to Digitrac Tractor in India.

Digitrac Tractor in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
Digitrac PP 43i 47 HP 600000
Digitrac PP 51i 60 HP 680000
Digitrac PP 46i 50 HP 640000

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Digitrac PP 43i...

Brand: Digitrac Tractor
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Drive: 2WD
Rating: 4.5
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47 HP
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Digitrac PP 51i...

Brand: Digitrac Tractor
Price: Get Best Price
Drive: 2WD
Rating: 4.5
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60 HP
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Digitrac PP 46i...

Brand: Digitrac Tractor
Price: Get Best Price
Drive: 2WD
Rating: 4.5
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50 HP

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About Digitrac Tractor

Digitrac is one of the newest brand in India with innovative and technological advanced features. Digitrac tractor manufacturing plant was established in 2019 in Faridabad, Hariyana. Two brothers Har Prasad Nanda and Yudi Nanda is face behind the Digitrac tractor. Digitrac is always focusing on farmers needs and always stands for Farmer's betterment.

In Short Time, Digitrac becomes India's well-known tractor brand. Company is manufacturing world class tractor with fuel efficient and powerful engines. Company is also focusing on latest design and heavy structure. Company is manufacturing tractors between 47 HP to 60 HP range. Digitrac tractor price starts from Rs. 6.30 lakhs to Rs. 8.10 lakhs with best tractor features.

Popular Digitrac Tractor in India

Currently Digitrac has small portfolio in Tractors. It is new company so only 3 plus models are available for Indian farmers. With this limited models company is trying to capture majority market needs. Digitrac has limited models so company can focus on individual models for better improvement. We have listed all three models which are very popular in India.

What is USP (Unique Selling Propositions) of Digitrac Tractor?

Digitrac is made in India brand which is believe in Innovation and advancement of technology. Company is focusing on limited tractor models with better performance and high profitability. Price range of tractors are very affordable and competitive. Digitrac tractor is manufacturing 47 HP to 60 HP tractors. High power, excellent speed and comfortable handling makes tractor different from other brands.

Fuel efficient and powerful engine make tractor easy to operate and gives effortless driving experience. Company is giving 5 years of warranty on all models. 3-4 cylinder engine give more power and reliability. Other innovative feature and specifications also makes unique product in this crowded tractor industry.

High HP give more power and technology gives more efficiency to all models. All models are budget friendly and efficient. Spare parts are easy available across India. Dealership and service centre network is very wide. Above mentioned are USP of Digitrac tractors in India.

Digitrac Tractor Price list in India

Digitrac tractor comes in very affordable and competitive price range. Company is manufacturing 3 plus models in India because company recently established in Faridabad, Haryana. Company is manufacturing 47 HP to 60 HP tractors with reliable price range. Within this very competitive price, Digitrac gives best in class features which are technologically advanced.

Digitrac tractor Price starts from Rs. 6.30 lakhs to Rs. 8.10 lakhs in India. Company's cheapest model is PP 43i, 47 HP, Price starts from Rs. 6.30 lakhs and most costly tractor is PP 51i, 60 HP, Price starts from Rs. 7.80 lakhs to Rs. 8.10 lakhs. With above figure, we can assume that Digitrac is one of the most affordable and budget friendly tractor brand.

Digitrac Tractor HP Range

Digitrac tractor is established in 2019 in Faridabad, Haryana by Nanda brothers. Company has limited models portfolio. Company is looking toward expanding manufacturing plant and starts manufacturing new models with different HP range. Currently company is focusing on 47 HP to 60 HP range. This range is very large in India. Majority of sales comes from 30 HP to 60 HP range. Now company want to provide best in class tractors under this range.

Sales Report of Digitrac Tractor

Digitrac is new tractor brand in India. Company was established in 2019 by Nanda brothers. As of now company's sales figure are very low because of market presence. Company is trying to expand through dealership and service centre point across India. Digitrac is focusing on next five year projection with innovative and advanced feature tractors to attract customers.

Digitrac Tractor Videos on YouTube

Digitrac Tractor Videos on YouTube is available in our channel. We describe all models with full specifications, review, Features, Mileage and many other details. We also mentioned Digitrac Tractor price in India. We are updating our channel when new tractor launched by the company. We mentioned all aspect of the tractor for the farmers.

Digitrac Tractor Dealers

Digitrac is new in Indian market so company is now expanding dealership points in India. Company is also focusing on expanding service centres to customer's reliability. Digitrac Tractor Dealers in India are available in our website. You can go to Find Dealer section and Find all dealers of Digitrac around the country. We have updated list of all dealers in India so you can find the contact details easily.

Competitors of Digitrac Tractor

If we talk about Digitrac than few competitors are available to compete with Digitrac Tractor. Digitrac Tractor Price is very value for money so than Competitors can't beat Digitrac to achieve first position. But there is some competitors are available in India like, Mahindra, TAFE, Sonalika, Farmtrac, John Deere and New Holland.

Why TracTruck.com for Digitrac Tractor?

At last, we will tell you that Why TracTruck.com for Digitrac Tractor. TracTruck.com has detailed and authentic information about Digitrac Tractors. We are providing Digitrac Tractor Price, Specifications, Features, Mileage, reviews and many more details with exact information. We have reliable information regarding all tractor brands and models. We also having Tractor Implements and tools information. Feel free share our website with you friends.

Most Asked Questions on Digitrac Tractor Price

Ans.Digitrac Tractor price starts from Rs. 6.30 lakhs to 8.10lakhs.

Ans.At TracTruck, you can find an updated Digitrac tractor price list.

Ans.At TracTruck, visit Locate tractor dealer page to find the Digitrac tractor dealer and showroom.

Ans.PP 51i (60 HP) is the highest HP category model of Digitrac tractor in India.

Ans.Yes, Digitrac Tractors is a part of Escorts Group.

Ans.The best 47 HP Digitrac tractor is the Digitrac PP 43i.

Ans.PP 51i is the most selling Digitrac tractor in India.

Ans.The Popular Digitrac tractor is PP 46i and its price is Rs. 6.80 lakhs to 7.50 lakhs.

Ans.Yes, Digitrac tractor is the right choice for you.

Ans.The average lifting capacity of Digitrac tractors is 1800 kg to 2000 kg.

Ans.3 tractor models are available in the Digitrac tractor brand.

Ans.Digitrac is manufacturing tractors From 47 HP to 60 HP.

Ans.Only in Punjab and Haryana, Digitrac tractors are available.

Ans.Digitrac PP 51i tractor price is Rs. 7.80 lakhs toRs. 8.10 lakhs in India.

Ans.Yes, Digitrac tractor is available online.

Ans.All Digitrac tractor models work well with tractor implements.

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