Mahindra Mini Tractors Price in India

Mahindra Mini tractor is one of the best in class tractor by the Company. Mahindra is manufacturing 6 mini tractor models which come with 25 HP to 36 HP engine power. Mahindra Mini tractor price is low budgeted and starts from Rs. 3.10 lakhs. This economical range helps farmer to own tractor. Mahindra is very popular in mini tractor segment. Some models are very famous in Indian Tractor industry. We have covered all Mahindra Mini tractors with price, specifications and features at one place.

Fuel efficient and technologically advanced Mahindra Mini tractors gives better performance in farming and gardening. Economical range of mini tractor is also helpful for farmers. Company is providing extra convincing through its service centers and dealership points. Low maintenance and high mileage also helps farmer for getting more profit from farming.

Mahindra Tractor in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT 15 HP 279000
Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 20 HP 345000
Mahindra JIVO 365 DI 4WD 36 HP 550000
Mahindra 255 DI Power Plus 25 HP 435000
Mahindra JIVO 245 DI 24 HP 407000

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Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT...

Brand: Mahindra Tractor
Price: Get Best Price
Drive: 2WD
Rating: 4.5
Check Price
15 HP
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Mahindra JIVO 225 DI...

Brand: Mahindra Tractor
Price: Get Best Price
Drive: 2WD
Rating: 4.5
Check Price
20 HP
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Mahindra JIVO 365 DI 4W...

Brand: Mahindra Tractor
Price: Get Best Price
Drive: 4WD
Rating: 4.5
Check Price
36 HP
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Mahindra 255 DI Power P...

Brand: Mahindra Tractor
Price: Get Best Price
Drive: 2WD
Rating: 4.5
Check Price
25 HP
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Mahindra JIVO 245 DI...

Brand: Mahindra Tractor
Price: Get Best Price
Drive: 4WD
Rating: 4.5
Check Price
24 HP

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About Mahindra Mini Tractor

Mahindra Tractor is India’s number 1 tractor manufacturer and also no 1 in selling of tractors. Mahindra is also manufacturing world class Mini Tractors for farmers of India. In 1948 two brothers J.C. Mahindra and K.C. Mahindra formed company with partnership with Malik Gulam Muhammad and named it Muhammad and Mahindra. After some time it get changed and became Mahindra & Mahindra. Company introduces its first tractor in 1963.

In presence Mahindra & Mahindra manufacturing 15 to 75 HP tractors to capture all types of customers in market. Mahindra Tractor is known for its price and fuel efficiency. Mahindra Tractors low maintenance is also attraction for farmers. Mahindra has 70+ years of experience of tractor manufacturing. Mahindra is giving tough competition to its competitors. In all segments Mahindra tractor holds first position.

Mahindra Mini Tractor Price list in India

Mahindra Mini Tractor price starts from Rs. 3.10 lakhs goes up to 6.10 lakhs. In this budgeted price range, company is manufacturing 6 plus models with 15 HP to 36 HP range. Mahindra is one of the well known brand in India with high class features and specification. Mahindra is providing fuel efficient mini tractors in budgeted price range. Mileage of this tractor is also very good in the segment. Mini Tractor helps farmer for inter crop farming and small land of farming.

Popular Mahindra Mini Tractor in India

Mahindra is very well known brand in India and also in World. But in India Mahindra has tight grip in Tractor industry. Mahindra win the game with its most popular tractors. Let’s see which is the most popular Mahindra Mini Tractor in India?

Mahindra Mini Tractor HP Range

Mahindra is manufacturing 6 plus mini tractors for Indian Farmers. Mahindra is having world class fuel efficient and high performance engine. Mahindra Mini tractor comes with 15 HP to 36 HP range. In this HP range, Mahindra focused on each demand of mini tractors in India. This wide HP range also helps farmers for their different needs in farming.

What is USP (Unique Selling Propositions) of Mahindra Mini Tractor?

Mahindra Tractor is maintaining its first position in Tractor industry. Behind it there is some USPs that Mahindra tractor has. We will tell you what is the USP of Mahindra Tractor to maintain its first position? Let’s check it out USPs.

First of all Mahindra is providing best in class service to their customers. After sales service of Mahindra is also very good. Mahindra Tractor price is very affordable in comparison with competitors. Price plays the big role in competition. Manufacturing products for all kind of need of farm. With Tractors, they are selling all types of farm equipment also so that customer stick with them. Mahindra Tractor engine is very reliable and very affordable. Mahindra is manufacturing tractors in India.

Sales Report of Mahindra Tractor

Mahindra Tractor is India’s no one brand. Sales of Mahindra tractor are very higher than other companies. Mahindra is selling around 4,00,000 units of Tractor models and 5,00,000 units of tractor equipment in India. Mahindra is maintaining 12% growth year to year.

Mahindra Tractor introduced its first tractor in 1963 and sold 85,000 units in same year. After incorporation, since then Mahindra sold achieved milestone of 1 million tractors in 2003. Since then Mahindra sold 3 Million tractor units in 2019. These numbers tell about brand itself.

Mahindra Mini Tractor Dealers

Mahindra Mini Tractor Dealers in India are available in our website. You can go to Find Dealer section and Find all dealers of Mahindra around the country. We have updated list of all dealers in India so you can find the contact details easily.

Competitors of Mahindra Mini Tractor

If we talk about Mahindra than few competitors are available to compete with Mahindra Tractor. Mahindra Mini Tractor Price is very value for money so than Competitors can’t beat Mahindra to achieve first position. But there is some competitors are available in India like, TAFE, Sonalika, Farmtrac, John Deere and New Holland.

Mahindra Mini Tractor Videos on YouTube

Mahindra Mini Tractor Videos on YouTube is available in our channel. We describe all models with full specifications, review, Features, Mileage and many other details. We also mentioned Mahindra Tractor price in India. We are updating our channel when new tractor launched by the company. We mentioned all aspect of the tractor for the farmers.

Why for Mahindra Mini Tractor?

At last, we will tell you that Why for Mahindra Mini Tractor. has detailed and authentic information about Mahindra Mini Tractors. We are providing Mahindra Mini Tractor Price, Specifications, Features, Mileage, reviews and many more details with exact information. We have reliable information regarding all tractor brands and models. We also have Tractor Implements and tools information. Feel free share our website with your friends.

Most Asked Questions on mini Mahindra Tractor models

Ans.Mahindra is offering models falls between 15 HP to 75 HP engine power.
Ans.Mahindra 275 XP Plus and 575 XP Plus are the latest models of the Mahindra Tractor.
Ans.At You can find the nearest tractor dealers/showrooms in your area.
Ans.Mahindra Tractor is offering two types of steering, 1. Power and 2. Mechanical steering systems.
Ans.At, you can get updated and latest Mahindra tractors price with Specs, Features, images and user reviews.
Ans.Mahindra Tractor offering very competitive price. Mahindra tractor price range is Rs. 3.05 to Rs. 12.90 Lakh, Mini tractors from Rs. 3.05 to Rs. 5.00 lakh and utility tractors from Rs. 5.50 to Rs. 12.90 lakh.
Ans.Almost every model is fit for special kind of work but, Mahindra Jivo, Mahindra XP Plus, Mahindra SP Plus, etc., are the best Mahindra tractor for farming. is the source for your needed information. We have full and reliable information regarding Mahindra Tractors, including price, dealers and service centres.
Ans.Mahindra has more than 70 years of experience and they are manufacturing tractors for special needed work so every model of Mahindra is very affordable and fit for all kind of works.
Ans.Mahindra Tractor is the leading tractor brand in India.
Ans.Top three Mahindra Mini Tractors are Yuvraj 215 NXT, Mahindra JIVO 225 DI and Mahindra JIVO 245 DI in India.
Ans.There is two type of oil that Mahindra Tractor uses, 15W/40 engine oil in summer and 10W/30 engine oil in winter.
Ans.Mahindra tractor is an Indian brand that contains a variety of tractor models for farmers.
Ans.Mahindra having many 4WD tractors but these three are best in all types of segment. Mahindra Jivo 225 DI 4WD, Jivo 245 DI 4WD and YUVO 575 DI 4WD.
Ans.Mahindra 575 DI is one of best and popular tractor in Mahindra.
Ans.Behind Mahindra Brand there is only on face Mr.Anand Mahindra, Who is the Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, and Tech Mahindra Limited.
Ans.50+ tractor models are available in the Mahindra tractor brand.
Ans.Mahindra Arjun 555 DI is one of the best 50 HP Mahindra tractor.
Ans.Mahindra Yuvo Tech+ 475 DI, Yuvo Tech+ 575 DI and Yuvo Tech+ 585 DI are latest models of Mahindra Tractor.
Ans.Mahindra 475 DI XP Plus is the best fuel-efficient Mahindra tractor in India.
Ans.Mahindra Novo 755 DI has a best hydraulic lifting capacity of 2600 KGs.
Ans.Mahindra 275 DI XP Plus is the most popular Mahindra tractor in India.
Ans.Mahindra tractor's average lifting capacity is 778 kg to 2200 kg.
Ans.Mahindra Tractor is having three types of brakes. 1. Mechanical, 2. Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes and 3. Dry Disc Brakes.
Ans.Mahindra 275 DI TU tractor is best for all kind of work so this is convenient to the farmer’s budget, priced at Rs. 5.60 Lakhs to- Rs. 5.80 Lakhs.
Ans.All Mahindra tractor models are suitable for different kind of farming implements.
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